Bario Valley

Dauer : 3 Tage
Produkt : Private Tour
Start : Täglich, ab 2 Personen
Reiseleitung : Englischsprachig
Mahlzeiten : Inklusive Vollpension
Von - Bis : Bario Airport





Tag 1 : Bario

Meet on arrival at Bario airport and transfer to a lodge/ homestay. 
After lunch, we will explore Bario valley, which brings us to Ulung Palang longhouse, the school in Bario and Bario Asal, the oldest longhouse in Bario which ancient timbers are darkened by the constant smoke of generations of cooking fires. Here you might still see a few ladies with earlobes that have been elongated with heavy brass earrings over many years, an old Kelabit tradition.
After touring the surrounding, we will walk back to the Lodge for dinner.

Accommodation : Homestay


Tag 2 : Bario 
After breakfast, we will take a 4-wheel-drive vehicle to Pa Umor (20 minutes). From here we will trek for about 30 minutes to the salt spring, where the famous Bario salt is produced. Witness how the spring water containing brine is boiled until all water is evaporated. Bario salt is considered an organic salt, which is rich in natural minerals and therefore has many health benefits.
After a local lunch, you will go to see the remnants of the megalithic culture once practiced by the Kelabit tribe. There are hundreds of ancient stone artefacts to be found throughout the Northern highlands of Sarawak, which were either incised, carved, erected or arranged to become impressive rock monuments. These megalithic practices were carried out during certain ceremonies and in Sarawak are unique to the Kelabit tribe. First you will visit the Batu Narit Arur Bilit. In the Kelabit language Batu Narit means engraved stone. This particular megalith with the name Arur Bilit sits right in the middle of a paddy field and depicts a human with both arms stretched upwards. The second site you will visit is Batu Ipak Upai Semaring, a stone formation created by and named after a legendary hero. Return to the Lodge for dinner.

Accommodation : Homestay


Tag 3 : Bario 
After breakfast it is time to say goodbye to your friends and transfer to Bario airport for your flight.


The tour ends in Bario Airport